Dear Electors,
My name is Laurie Vela from Sutter Creek, CA.
It is with great hope that I am reaching out to you, adding my voice to the millions imploring you to do the right thing on December 19th. It is incredible that we have found ourselves at this time in history. You all have my compassionate reverence for the vote that lies before you.

Perhaps you (still) think this is about party lines and that you must stand behind your Republican pledge. Part of my hope is that you, each of you, are able to see beyond that now. Stripped of partisan politics, your choice comes down to what the Electoral College was, in part, designed to do; stop an unfit candidate from becoming our commander-in-chief.

All throughout this election, there has been a dangerous normalization of Mr. Trump's sociopathic behavior. So much of what he has said and incited in others along racial and gender lines, is just plain anti-American, much less Presidential. He is still tweeting about corruption of his opponent and the voting system when he himself has a long record of fraud starting way before Trump University.

Tweets criticizing China? No tax returns? No press conference? Steve Bannon in the White House?! A Victory Tour instead of doing the work to learn what the job actually entails? Yes, our list of concerns is a long one yet at the core of it all is Mr. Trump's mental instability and his total lack of understanding or qualifications to be President.

Again, it is with hopeful & grateful compassion that I am reaching out to you to use your vote for the highest good of all the people in this great nation and for the whole world who relies on us to have sound judgment.

We have an extremely experienced and capable President in Hillary Rodham Clinton; the people's choice by popular vote. No matter what your party affiliation, which of these two candidates do you truly see as able to lead? Able to responsibly hold the nuclear codes? Able to sit with other world leaders? Able to reach across party lines? Which would you like as a role model for your children and grandchildren?

Though it may be the hardest thing you've ever done, the right thing is to vote for the candidate that is not only fit but highly qualified to do the job, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

You are making history, one way or the other. I hope you will side with Alexander Hamilton who clearly expressed that the Constitution established electors as a protection valve; to have a group of citizens bound not by party, but by their responsibility to this nation.
Thank you for your time and consideration, I appreciate and respect the role you serve in our electoral process.
Laurie Vela
On December 19th, electors of the Electoral College will cast their official votes for the President of the United States of America. Please voice your concerns here.
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The voting has now passed. Thanks to everyone who reached out. We're working on new tools to help citizens stay involved in politics, stay tuned.
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